Meister Shoe & Glove Eco Deodorizer™ - 1 Year Supply

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Estimated Arrival: 11/29/21

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  • The most effective and eco-friendly solution to smelly shoes & gloves!
  • Highly absorbent filling outperforms other deodorizers. Leaves fresh lasting scent
  • Increases life of shoes and gloves by reducing sweat breakdown
  • Patent-pending design is unlike any other on the market
  • High quality flannel shell is machine washable
  • Nunchucks design keeps pairs together
  • Each refill lasts 6 months (1 year supply included!)
  • Compostable design - empty used refills into your garden


Smelly shoes and gloves are no match for the latest innovation from Meister. Introducing the Meister Eco Deodorizer™: the highly effective and reusable solution to sweat stink in your shoes and large sports gloves. This patent-pending deodorizer works unlike any other on the market!

Constructed from high quality flannel and reinforced double stitching, the Eco Deodorizer is filled with highly absorbent and aromatic deodorizing blends. These superior fillings draw moisture through the porous flannel and leave your shoes and gloves smelling refreshed. The Eco Deodorizer nunchucks design slides perfectly into a pair of shoes, boots, cleats, boxing gloves, goalie gloves, hockey gloves, lacrosse gloves, ski gloves and more!

Unlike other deodorizers, the Meister Eco Deodorizer is designed to be washed, refilled and reused. The inner filling sachets are designed to last and be replaced every 6 months. The flannel shell features hidden zippers to allow quick and easy replacement. Used refills can be emptied into your garden and even the sachet material is biodegradable.

Included inside is 1 filled Eco Deodorizer flannel shell + 1 set of refill sachets - a one year supply! (Additional refills sold separately)

Upgrade to the latest innovation in powerful deodorizing, and stop wasting your money on ineffective products that end up in the landfill. All packaging is recyclable. Get the Meister Shoe & Glove Eco Deodorizer today!

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Customer Reviews
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Jesus H.
Boxing Gloves deodorizer

Good quality and make even your sport bag smell good.

Perfect for smelly and sweaty shoes!

Love this! Perfect for ANY ONE with sweaty feet and smelly shoes! Highly recommend!

Get them for lacrosse gloves or other stinky gear

Really nice scent and really needed for my son's lacrosse gloves that smelled horrible after practices. We get home and I immediately put these in the gloves and it has made a huge difference thus far. Recommend for people needed to cut down on odors from sports.

Great for musty handbags

I used this for a vintage purse that had a very musty smell. I had tried everything unsuccessfully & then bought these & they worked! Yes, there's a strong scent, but that's what I need. I kept it inside the purse for several days & the musty smell is now gone!

Red F.
Gear boxing glove deodorizers

So far these a great. I love that I can place new deodorizers in them but there original ones are still going strong months after getting them. I use my gloves often and they never smell bad

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