Meister is a leading boxing, mixed martial arts and fitness brand based in Tualatin, Oregon. Founded in 2006, Meister gear is now trusted in thousands of gyms worldwide and has been featured in television and movies.

Meister was founded on a strict set of principles that we live by every day:

  1. Produce industry-leading gear that everyone can afford
  2. Stand steadfast behind every one of our products
  3. Consistently raise the bar in product innovation
  4. Exceed every customer’s expectations

Being a leader in our industry for over fifteen years, we understand that you need equipment that works just as hard as you do. We believe that most beginner gear is a waste of money and most professional gear is overpriced. To bring you the best in performance, protection and value, all of our products are exclusively designed by our in-house development team.

Meister gear is designed to perform at the highest levels of sport and priced to be accessible to all athletes.

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