6" Meister PROFOAM™ Plyo Box for Professional Gyms


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  • Professional gym-quality plyometric boxes designed to be a fixture in your gym, training room or home for years to come
  • Constructed with 100% solid closed-cell PP foam. Won't sag or break down over time like cheaper versions with layered foams
  • Premium high-density textured vinyl cover provides the ideal surface for both grip and comfort
  • Each box features 6 full-length hook & loop sections to enable secure stacking
  • Integrated handles allow for easy positioning, carrying and storage between workouts
  • Rounded corners for a sleek look and added safety
  • Each box measures 36" x 30" (91cm x 76cm)


Meister PROFOAM™ Plyo Boxes are professional plyometric boxes built for training at the highest levels. Constructed from only the highest quality materials, these boxes are designed to be your go-to workout equipment for years.

Meister PROFOAM Plyo Boxes are formed with 100% PP closed-cell foam for a firm, consistent, and balanced performance. Most manufacturers cut corners by layering cheaper foams inside which leads to softening and sagging as those foams break down. PROFOAM Plyo Boxes are solid to the core and won't break down over time.

Covering the boxes is a premium high-density textured vinyl which is ideal for barefoot and shoe workouts. Unlike thinner smooth vinyls, Meister PROFOAM textured vinyl provides additional grip even when wet.

Two hook & loop flaps on the bottom of each box can be conveniently attached to large hook & loop sections on the sides of any other box. The flaps can also be used to secure the box in place on some carpeted floorings. Integrated handles on the side of the boxes makes it easy to adjust their position and carry between workouts.

Stackable to achieve almost any height, Meister PROFOAM Plyo Boxes come in 5 heights:
  • 24" (24" H x 36" L x 30" W)
  • 18" (18" H x 36" L x 30" W)
  • 12" (12" H x 36" L x 30" W)
  • 6" (24" H x 36" L x 30" W)
  • 3" (3" H x 36" L x 30" W)
Available as a set or as individual boxes, you can assemble the setup you need for your gym. Don't settle for anything less than the best for your facility, get your Meister PROFOAM Plyo Boxes today!

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