How to Use your Meister Omega Wrap Roller

The Omega Wrap Roller can be used in two different configurations:

Rolling a hand wrap is the same process for both configurations:


  1. Start by holding your Omega Wrap Roller with the open side in the palm of your non-dominant hand.
  2. You can hold the Omega however is most comfortable, but we recommend following the diagram shown below. Place your thumb on the thumb fin, your index finger on the tension fin, and the rest of your fingers curled around the wall mount adapter.
  3. Thread your unrolled wrap under the thumb fin, over the tension fin, and then onto the rolling pin.
  4. Hold the roller with your index finger on top of the wrap going over the tension fin - this will help keep your wrap straight as it rolls.
  5. Wind the handle with your free hand to roll your hand wrap into a perfect roll.


Wall Mount Installation

  • If installing your mount on drywall, we recommend first installing the included drywall anchors.
  • Place the screws in the mounting points on the wall mount before fastening securely to your wall.