How to Replace a Meister SpeedKills Speed Bag Bladder

You will need:

Removing the old bladder:

  1. Moisten the needle and use it to fully deflate the old bladder
  2. Unlace the bag and completely remove the string
  3. Lift up the flap on the bag to expose the bladder
  4. Grab near the valve of the bladder and pull until the valve stem comes through the hole at the bottom of the speed bag. Remove and discard the old bladder

Installing the new bladder:

  1. Press the valve of the new bladder into the small hole near the top of the inside of the bag. It may help to use double-sided tape or contact cement to adhere the area around the stem to the inside of the bag to help keep the bladder in place
  2. Insert the new bladder into the bag. The bladder should fit snuggly inside
  3. Moisten the needle and pump air into the bladder until it is approximately 2/3 full
  4. Place the inner flap on the bag over the top of the bladder
  5. Re-lace the string onto the bag, leaving even amounts of excess string on both sides. This process is similar to lacing shoes
  6. Finish pumping up the bag and test that it is properly inflated. Using moderate force, press the bag with your fingers. It should feel full but the leather should also be able to be pushed in slightly; there should be some give to the surface of the bag. Meister recommends inflating your bag between 5.0 - 6.0 PSI
  7. Trim the valve stem so it is nearly flush with the exterior of the bag