Meister 2lb Neoprene Weighted Gloves - Black/Red (Pair)


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  • Add heavy weight resistance to any workout to increase strength and cardio intensity
  • Evenly distributed weight around the hand and wrist for a balanced feel
  • Patent-pending compact 2 lb open-palm glove design is unlike anything on the market
  • Cushioned neoprene body and dense iron sand conform to your skin for a seamless fit
  • Double wrist strap and oversized hook and loop closures lock down your wrap
  • Replace dumbbells in home workout programs
  • Ideal for Boxing & MMA heavy hands training
  • Each glove weighs 2 pounds. Sold as pair (4lb total)


Looking to add serious weight intensity to your cardio workouts and heavy hands training? Meister 2lb Weighted Gloves are the unrivaled champion of their weight class.

Constructed from super durable and comfortable neoprene, these gloves hug your skin and hold 2lb of weight close for a seamless fit. Meister's patent-pending open-palm glove design is unlike anything else on the market. Two full pounds of dense iron sand are evenly distributed around the hand and wrist while leaving your hands available for any workout exercises.

Meister 2lb Weighted Gloves fit almost all hand sizes and finger pulls at the top of each palm allow you to pull them off easily with one hand.

Champions push for every ounce of productivity from their workouts. Strap on a pair of Meister 2lb Weighted Gloves and feel what it means to push yourself to the next level.

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